Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Time, Fall Time, What to Do

We have been busy tackling a whole mess of fall time activities. 
The proof:

                                     Went to Apple Hill, where Sody rode her first pony.

We went to a gorgeous wedding on a farm to watch Mommy's old friend Nicole marry Nick.  This is Sody posing near the awesome display of paper cranes that Nicole made.  The whole wedding was full of beautiful touches like this and it all turned out really personal but also really pretty and classy. Unfortunately I didn't actually get many great shots of all those gorgeous touches or the setting or even the bride and groom, buuuut....

Sody and I did end up taking some funny pictures in the fancy Porta-Potty on site... 

...and we also met this cool llama named Ted. He's my buddy. 

Then we went to our little "pumpkin patch"- at least what passes for a pumpkin patch for city kids - at the back of a local floral shop that transforms to a mini-Halloween wonderland each year. We picked out a bunch of nice ones, but full disclosure: we ran out of time to actually carve any this year.  HALLOWEEN  FAIL.  

Note the awesome fangs. 

And of course, there were costumes! She chose Dorothy this year.  I was hoping she would be down with recycling the cheeseburger costume from last year since it still fit, but no go. Joe and I recycled the ketchup and mustard shirts for various parties, and I also busted out a Cleopatra get up for one parade I took Sody to...thankfully no pictures of that one. 

Sody's school Halloween potluck, tons of fun and tons of chaos.  This is the best shot I could get because standing still and posing for pictures is pretty much impossible for her lately. These two little ladies with Sody are her besties Francesca and Cate.  Francesca also happens to live across the street from us and it's pretty dang funny to watch them yell at each other across our very loud and busy street. (possibly not as funny to our other neighbors, however...) 

The main event: Trick-or-treating! Remember how I said Sody isn't great at standing still for a picture? We headed out with Francesca, and it was so crazy busy in our neighborhood that is was slow to navigate and we actually didn't get a lot of loot.  She was happy, but I was selfishly hoping for a bit more so there would be something good to steal after she went to bed. Because I am a wonderful mother. 

Last but not least, we made a Dia de Los Muertos altar for my Grandma Bee, with the traditional offerings: marigolds, a candle, and a favorite snack (we put out dates).  I neglected to set out her favorite drink this year because...well, Grandma liked gin-and-tonics.  Not the thing to have within reach of the three year old. Or mommy and daddy, for that wouldn't have lasted through the night...