Thursday, October 27, 2011

Now That's What I Call Friendship

It was ridiculous and inexplicable 85 degrees last weekend around here, so Sody and her good buddy Trent went for an ice cream date. I think they are both doing great at sharing, don't you?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Skillz

One of the trippiest things about being being back at a job all day (I was going to say being back at "work," but that isn't correct, as being a stay-at-home mom or dad is absolutely work. Right, Joe?) is that Sody knows and says all these random things now that surprise me. Things that I didn't know she knew. Things that obviously came from someone other than me. I am so used to knowing her abilities, knowing all of her words, or at least knowing where she is getting new words. Now she catches me off guard by walking past a trash can and saying, "People left their cigarettes there." WHA-HUH? You know the word "cigarettes"?? Or the day when we taped up a picture of hers on the wall and stepped back to admire how it stayed up, she gave me a high five and exclaimed, "We're a TEAM!" Which was so cute and so unexpected.

What really floored me was watching her color this a.m. Up until now she hasn't done much beyond circular scribbles and up-and-down zig zags, but this morning she told me she made a happy face and it WAS. A head! Two eyes! A smiley mouth! It was a full, clear, obvious happy face. I couldn't believe it. My daughter knows how to draw a happy face. How does this happen without me knowing? How does she acquire all these skills behind my back? I am a teensy bit sad about it because I hate missing those moments of her learning new things. I used to get so much more of those. But mostly I am just so, so excited for her. Daddy gets to teach her all these new things that she wouldn't necessarily get from me. All these new things to surprise me with.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

S-S-S-Saturday Night

OK, I have just spent a gazillion hours trying to upload a video of Sody singing "My Favorite Things" (trust me, it's ADORBS) and it isn't working so now it's late and I am annoyed and my husband is bugging me with his "jokes" tonight and I am getting a cold and blah blah blah Saturday night woo woo woo. Y'know? I can't really think straight at the moment so what you are now going to get is our day today in pictures.

First up:

I took Sody to a cupcake shop in Berkeley for their kiddo storytime. We had time to kill beforehand so we headed up to the Goodwill up the street and Sody found a pair of hot pink jelly sandals that she fell in love with and insisted on wearing immediately. Can you get some gross foot disease from someone else's jelly shoes that haven't been properly cleaned yet? I am really hoping not. So far, all of Sody's toes are still attached. Anyway, we went to the storytime hour and ate mini cupcakes (a "Molly Ringwald" cake - pink, pink, and more pink) and drew pictures and listened to the stories. Then Sody spontaneously started singing songs from "The Sound of Music" to the lady who read stories (I am telling you, the girl is obsessed with that movie) and then we left.

She fell asleep on the way home. This is a rarity these days.

Then we headed out to a birthday party for our good friends' one year old daughter. There was a pinata and since most of the other kids had already left, Sody got to take a lot of cracks at this thing. There was a LOT of candy. Sody's sugar high kept on truckin'.

Here you can see her eyes glazing over a little bit and the tireds hitting. The combo of sugar crash and a half hour nap leads to this look.

You know what perks her back up? Cake and ice cream! Fingers crossed that Mother of the Year award will not be judged upon the insane sugary menu I served up to my child today. Or the fact that there is a can of Bud next to her in this shot. Sigh.