Sunday, January 6, 2013


Look at me, back here already...see, I am sticking to at least one resolution so far. I don't know about you, but we have already had an eventful 2013 around here. First and most important: Sody turned FOUR last week. I can't believe it either. We baked a whole mess of pink cupcakes for her to take to school:
Part of me was swearing as I was making the cupcakes, frosting them at midnight, almost wishing I was the kind of mom who could go buy cupcakes at the supermarket bakery and not feel guilty about it. I am so not that mother. Kudos to them, though. Seriously.

After school we took her out to Fenton's for her birthday dinner, where she spent the entire meal asking when they were going to come sing to her (the whole restaurant sings to the birthday peeps) and then when they actually did come sing to her she looked kind of terrified about it. But then immediately after she looked like this:

So she had a good birthday. We also celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese with Grandma and Grandpa over the weekend, but I forgot my phone at home (the horrors! I felt naked!) so you will just have to trust it was a fun time, even though I have no photographic evidence. It was chaotic and loud and packed and everything else you expect Chuck E. Cheese to be on a weekend at lunchtime. Next year, I vow to be there when they open at 9:00 am and we will just have pizza for breakfast so as to avoid the masses of annoying kids who have no manners and no parents watching them. (Most of the clientele there, trust me.) Still, I ruled the Skee-ball and found a new hidden talent for the basketball game. It's possible I missed my true calling as a member of the WNBA.
The other major piece of news from our year so far is we got a notice in our mailbox that we need to move. BUMMER. Building was sold, new owners moving in, blah blah blah. We have a decent amount of time to get out, but still...Ugh. Moving is the worst. And finding a place is our price range is not exactly easy in these parts. It was a bit of a freak out when we found out but now we are getting used to the news. Starting to buckle down with the search and trying to be positive about this:  clean everything up and clear it out, get a fresh start, and who knows - maybe we will actually find a place with double-paned windows? (the dream! along with a quiet street and washer/dryer hookups and hardwood floors, because kids and apartment carpet do not mix.)
The thing I am most itrritated about with this move is the timing: it screws up plans I was hatching for Sody's birthday party here at the house. Every weekend is now going to be devoted to searching/packing/moving/etc, so no time for a birthday party right now. It's been about a thousand years since we last had a party (probably her last birthday?) and I live for her silly little homemade birthday parties. I love having a theme and making all the dumb stuff like the goodie bags and the treats and putting up the stupid streamers and balloons. I love it. I am still determined for her to have one, though, because there is nothing worse than letting a good theme go to waste, amiright? So be it if it's months late... we'll do it in the summertime, combine with Joe's birthday or something.
Speaking of Joe - this will be yet another wedding anniversary where we have to move instead of doing something actually fun. This will make the third anniversary where we have moved on (or very near) our anniversary date. So weird, right? We are coming up on our five year anniversary, which seems like a good one to go for a real celebration...but NOPE! Moving it is! The U-Haul company must love us.
Keep your fingers crossed for us, we need it.