Monday, June 17, 2013

June is Trying to Kill Me

I don't know about you, but June has been coo-coo-kachoo crazy busy around here. We kicked it off with Joe's birthday (and its traditional birthday meal of mac and cheese, Brussels sprouts, and root beer of course) and I took a crack at making something called Crack Pie. It was sweet and salty and addictive and it made Sody say, "Everybody take off your clothes! It's a naked party!" So if you are looking for that sort of reaction at your next party, just ask and I will send the recipe.

Then Sody officially started Pre-K! Same preschool, but the older kids moved into the big kids' building next door. She has been waiting and waiting and totally ready to go over to that classroom, and it's been nothing but positive so far. They have a big piece of butcher paper in there where they did a "first week feelings" project with quotes from all the kids about how they feel about changing to a new class. Sody's quote was that she was "happy, because there are new things and new toys and a new carpet." Never underestimate the power of a new carpet, people.

Next up was a quick (like, 24 hour quick) visit from the illustrious Ms. Beth, official Best Friend Til the End. We were short on time but we crammed it full of dinner and walking and going to the movies and staying up way way way too late and eating ice cream for lunch. Your basic BFF activities. It was short, but very sweet.

Then, our lovely friends Alice and Dan (who had betrayed us three years ago by moving back to their native Australia) (just kidding, guys!) came back for a visit. So long overdue. And they came back with their Lenny - almost the exact same age as Sody, because we all met in the hospital childbirth classes - as well as new (to us) addition, Alfie. Lenny was Sody's first betrothed when they were little littles, but we haven't gotten around to arranging the wedding during this visit. Maybe next time?

And theeeeeen...Sody had her very first sleepover! She spent the night at her buddy Francesca's house and she was so, so excited. I wasn't worried at all about her being apprehensive about staying at a new place, because she is always trying to kick out mom and dad from every playdate she goes on. Little Miss Independent is just thrilled to be somewhere all on her own, which is great. What is maybe not so great is that we found out she is a late night party animal outside of this house too. Apparently the girls were talking and giggling pretty late (natch) so Francesca's mom told them if they didn't stop, they would be separated. But our little nugget didn't quit for so long she wore poor Francesca out...Francesca eventually went back to her mom and asked to be separated. This story cracks me up but also terrifies me for when Sody is a teenager.

Like right now it's almost ten and I hear Sody singing in her room, loudly, nowhere near sleepy. Sigh.

What else has happened in June? Father's Day and school potluck and a real date night for mom and dad (totally great, totally needed) and work and insomnia and cooking and a lot of soapmaking. Whew. I would try to catch my breath but right around the corner is...New Jersey! I should start packing instead of writing this but oh well. I will sleep next week. I hope.

pre-k! (with awesome headband)

lenny! (with his adorable accent)


packed bag for sleepover! (when she packed it all by herself she packed: 2 books, one blanket, one pair of pajamas, and about ten small stuffed animals. you know...just in case there was, like, a stuffed animal emergency)
I love summertime!