Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Lite

A couple of weeks ago we did a big Thanksgiving feast with my parents and friends because my parents left on a cruise and would be gone on the actual date. So for the real Thanksgiving, we kept it super low key here with just Joe and me and Sody, and it was pretty perfect. Football on tv, a leisurely family walk around the block (Sody pushed her penguin Fatty in a stroller), and an easy semi-Thanksgiving meal where the potatoes and stuffing came out of a box (soooooo not like me) and I didn't even feel bad about it. Sometimes, you just gotta let some things slide. I am slowly but surely learning that. All in all, it was a lovely and relaxing family day and that is pretty much all we could ask for.

As far as the food went, Sody ate one bite of brussels sprouts, one bite of potatoes, and about a barrel full of cranberry sauce, the nut.

the aftermath - thanksgiving leftover sandwich the next day!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We Have a Winner

Well, the "Got Ketchup?" bib has been occupying the #1 spot in our hearts for a while now, but I have found the new official Best Bib Ever:

Kiss Me I am Swedish!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Few Pieces of Evidence as to Why Sody Rules

Because I don't talk about that enough, right?

1. She looooooves Thai food, especially green papaya salad and pad thai noodles ("noonles"). She is warming up to Indian food too, so I have an excellent lunch buddy.

2. When she got her flu shot last week, she not only didn't cry - she didn't even flinch one single bit. It was like the nurse high fived her instead of sticking her with a sharp needle.

3. She played in her crib so quietly the other morning that Joe and I slept in until 9:30. NINE THIRTY, PEOPLE! That is totally insane. (of course, in case you are getting too jealous of our kid, I should temper this by saying that the morning after that she was awake in our bed from 3:30 to 5:30, refusing to go back in her crib and refusing to fall asleep with us. Although this is really rare for her, it was plenty annoying, believe you me.)

4. I brought home a donut for a special treat the other night and she willingly broke it in half and handed it over to save for the next day. Also, she made this face:

See, she rules. Case closed.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Super Awesome Fall Tradition #3

Since carving pumpkins (tradition #1) and spiking the hot apple cider with whiskey (tradition #2) have been crossed off the list, it was time to tackle the next one: eating pumpkin pie for breakfast. And this was the year Sody got to participate in this one. I think she was more excited about the idea of pie more than actually eating the pie.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sometimes, I Still Can't Believe She is Real

I always wanted a little girl. When you are pregnant you do the "healthy baby, who cares what it is" song-and-dance, but let's face it, most people lean towards one or the other. I definitely leaned towards girl. So way back when in 2008 when the ultrasound tech told us that Isota was, in fact, Isota, we were pretty darn thrilled. Like, Best Day EVER thrilled. Like, immediately rush to Old Navy and start picking out girl's clothes thrilled. On that day my mind's eye conjured up a picture of what this little girl was going to look like. And what my mind's eye saw was pretty much exactly this:

Leggings and boots, pigtails and smiles, healthy and happy and so gregarious. This is exactly what I saw when I dreamt about having a girl.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What We Made On Halloween

We made roasted pumpkins seeds, even though none of us really like them.

We made a vegan cookie tray for a party (rice krispie treats, gingerbread biscotti, caramels, macaroons, peanut butter cookies).

We made jack-o-lanterns.

We made a mess while making our jack-o-lanterns.

And we made ourselves exhausted from trick-or-treating.

It was a truly great Halloween, mainly because you could tell Isota was starting to get it this year. We took her to a neighborhood parade on Saturday, and then to a party at her friend Remy's house on Sunday. She very quickly got the hang of trick-or-treating. Candy for no reason? For saying "Trick or Treat"? Sign this girl up! The best part was that she was so serious about putting each piece of candy into her treat bag herself. Up to the house, get the loot, then immediately crouch down and wrestle with her bag to get the candy in. If someone made the mistake of dropping it straight into the bag, she would hold her hand out for more so they would hand it right to her. Putting things into other things is a huge deal right now.

As for costumes, I was candy corn, Joe was a retired hockey player, and Sody was a chicken. Yes, I recycled her costume from last year because she doesn't know any better yet! She had so, so much fun. We let her run a little wild with the candy that night (because we are awesome parents, natch) and her favorite type of candy seems to be lollipops so far. Which of course leaves the chocolates for Joe and me to steal when Sody goes to bed. Don't tell her.

She went to bed at 10 pm that night(!), probably with lots of sugary dreams. And she woke up the next morning still trying to say "trick-or-treat!"