Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sometimes, I Still Can't Believe She is Real

I always wanted a little girl. When you are pregnant you do the "healthy baby, who cares what it is" song-and-dance, but let's face it, most people lean towards one or the other. I definitely leaned towards girl. So way back when in 2008 when the ultrasound tech told us that Isota was, in fact, Isota, we were pretty darn thrilled. Like, Best Day EVER thrilled. Like, immediately rush to Old Navy and start picking out girl's clothes thrilled. On that day my mind's eye conjured up a picture of what this little girl was going to look like. And what my mind's eye saw was pretty much exactly this:

Leggings and boots, pigtails and smiles, healthy and happy and so gregarious. This is exactly what I saw when I dreamt about having a girl.

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