Wednesday, July 29, 2009

At the Homestead

It's been a semi-quiet couple of weeks at the homestead but we've had a few adventures: my dad's surprise birthday party, trying out some new foods (avocado was most decidedly NOT a hit), and a solo trip to San Francisco with mom - we had to go check out a big ol' crafty craft fair where our friend Norah was peddling her wares. Speaking of which, if you need some adorably rad baby goods like onesies and bibs, you should check her stuff out at It is adorable and rad, like I said.

Sody is starting to scoot backwards now. She has managed to get herself a little stuck under a couple pieces of furniture. And she has two bottom teeth coming in! Cute but sharp. I need to watch out, eh?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Jersey, Part 3: The Messy

The last thing I want to tell you about our trip to NJ was that we gave Isota her first real vegetable while we were there: baby food carrots. Messy as predicted and she seemed to really like them. Since then, she has added to her repertoire: green beans (thumbs up), zucchini (she gave me "gag face"), sweet potatoes (she warmed up to it) and frozen grapes and frozen peaches in her mesh feeder (VERY popular). She is pretty good at the eating thing so far, except that she seems to enjoy chewing on the spoon more than anything. I am having a hard time waiting a few days between introducing a new food because I want to puree everything in sight now. Fun times!

I know some people get grossed out with messy baby food pics but I can't resist posting these. Welcome to the mess, folks.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Jersey, Part 2: The Bad

Ok, so there was one bad thing that happened on our trip, and it was all my fault: I TRIPPED and FELL while carrying Sody. Waaaaah!!!! You can imagine my horror and tears at the situation. We were at the zoo, having fun, and I had Sody in the baby carrier strapped to my front so she could see the animals. Walked down a small set of stairs and missed the last one or something (I still can't figure out what happened) and all of the sudden - splat! We were on the ground. (Note to self: steps + Dansko clogs + 18 lbs of baby attached to you = bad combo) My knees thankfully took the brunt of it but she did bonk her head at some point of the mess because we found a pink mark on her head. She cried for a couple of minutes, got over it, was acting like her normal happy self...but since head bonking and six month olds and nervous mothers don't mix, we headed to the emergency room to get her checked out. She's fine! We all survived the first fall and first emergency room visit and I would be perfectly ecstatic if that was the last one too.

Feel free to send me any dropping-your-baby stories because it makes me feel better to hear I am not the only one!

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Jersey, Part 1: The Good

Our trip was fantastic and already feels too long ago. Highlights: Sody doing great on the plane flights (mostly sleeping), veggie strombolis almost as big as the tray they sat on, going to the shore, amazing weather, getting coffee at the Wawa, many custard stand trips, Philly, Sody's 6 month birthday, soccer games, swimming, Joe falling in love with a Wii, watching movies, taking walks around the neighborhood, talking and debating and hanging out around the house, and most importantly: just being with family. We miss you guys terribly.

Pictures below: 1) on the plane, 2) with Cousin Ryan and Pop Pop, 3) Mom Mom, 4) Uncle Jason, 5) Aunt Courtney and her boyfriend Kevin, 6) going swimmin' - she actually had so much fun in the water but this face cracks me up, 7) her 6 month birthday cake - she was already in bed when we celebrated so we sang happy birthday to a cell phone picture Pop Pop put by the cake, 8) record shopping in Philly.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun with Uncle Cory

First of all, we are back! New Jersey was fantastic and fun and busy and there is so much to say that I am going to have to write it all up in installments to catch you up. I have been behind on the updating because as soon as we got back, Joe's bro Cory came to stay with us for a visit. Lots of fun and tennis and Risk and mini golf and pizza eating and Baby/Uncle time. Come back soon, Cory!