Sunday, April 18, 2010

She Probably Doesn't Miss the Couch, Though

Joe's sister Courtney flew out from the East Coast last week to get some serious hang-time with her niece. And maybe even to see Joe and me a little, too. She provided much fun and entertainment and even a little babysitting for us. And we provided the deluxe accommodations of our living room couch for her. You live large when you stay with us, people. Isota had a ball with her aunt here. Every morning was a little treat for her to come out to the living room to find a sleeping could almost see her little baby brain trying to figure out the best way to wake her up so they could start playing. Sorry you didn't get to sleep in on your vacation, Courtney. Come back soon, we miss you!

Don't You Forget About Me

So woefully and hopelessly behind on posting; have you given up on us? I just noticed the last pictures I put up showed Joe clean shaven...well, folks, he has a beard again. That is how long it's been. My excuses? Pretty much your garden variety "busy" stuff: Easter and a visit from Joe's sister and life and babysitting jobs and entertaining a one year old until you are too tired to dig out the computer once you get her into bed. The usual. So I will back up to where I left off and keep the yapping to a minimum because all you really want to see are cute pictures of the Babe, right?

For Easter we went to Napa to meet up with my parents and our friends the Hughes for a lovely brunch. Isota was so well behaved that I could actually enjoy my meal, too - AND she managed to keep her new white-and-peach colored dress clean. So...success! Her Easter basket was comprised mostly of play balls of various sizes because she is currently obsessed with balls. (Go ahead and get your mind out of the gutter, please.) I also got her some totally-inappropriate-on-many-levels Mardi Gras beads at the drugstore because she picked them out herself and fell in love with them and I am a big ol' pushover sometimes. Fear not, we quickly realized what a hazardous toy those beads are and they have since mysteriously disappeared into Mom's sock drawer. Let's hear it for the short memories on a one year old.

Next up...Aunt Courtney comes to visit!