Sunday, April 18, 2010

She Probably Doesn't Miss the Couch, Though

Joe's sister Courtney flew out from the East Coast last week to get some serious hang-time with her niece. And maybe even to see Joe and me a little, too. She provided much fun and entertainment and even a little babysitting for us. And we provided the deluxe accommodations of our living room couch for her. You live large when you stay with us, people. Isota had a ball with her aunt here. Every morning was a little treat for her to come out to the living room to find a sleeping could almost see her little baby brain trying to figure out the best way to wake her up so they could start playing. Sorry you didn't get to sleep in on your vacation, Courtney. Come back soon, we miss you!


  1. Move over Pop pop coming to town ,Great Pictures Ladies!

  2. Joe you looked happy with sissy ,and amased at the bowling skills of Little Miss Sody!