Monday, December 22, 2008

Week 38

Hi folks.  Nothing new to report yet.  I am 38 weeks now (this picture here is a little out of date) so am officially full term. Had a checkup today that was very fast and completely non-eventful...which is good!  "Uneventful" is a good thing for a pregnancy.  I'm not working anymore, just hanging out and playing the waiting game until Baby Girl gets here.  On one hand Joe and I are extremely excited to meet her but we are also trying to enjoy our last moments of peace and quiet and uninterrupted sleep.  My biggest gripe at the moment is how hard it is to roll over in bed.  So if that's my biggest problem so far, I am doing pretty well, right? Two weeks to go.  Have a Merry Christmas, everybody! 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bring on the Baby Wisdom

December 1st has come and gone and just 4 weeks from now (give or take a few days) Alicia and Joe will officially welcome into the world their new little baby girl. And who could be better prepared? Having an innate knack for loving children, exuberance, creativity, and honed parenting skills, Alicia was always meant to be a mom. Joe, with his vast family experience and caring nature, will undoubtedly do well as a Dad. However, I am sure there are lessons yet to learn when it comes to raising a child. Which is where we come in...
Let's shower Alicia and Joe with wisdom that will help prepare them for the next 18+ years. What unexpected experiences did you have as a new parent during those first few days/weeks/months? What lessons have you learned that you wish you knew then? Any crazy stories or good memories that you want to share with the parents-to-be? Post them below (click where it says 'comments' at the bottom of this message)- as many as you'd like- feeling free to return to this website over the next few weeks to see the messages we have given to Alicia and Joe. 
Thanks for supporting Alicia and Joe as they begin this new, exciting, sometimes crazy journey. 
(*Please email me your name and mailing address so I can send you a little something to say 'thanks!')