Monday, December 22, 2008

Week 38

Hi folks.  Nothing new to report yet.  I am 38 weeks now (this picture here is a little out of date) so am officially full term. Had a checkup today that was very fast and completely non-eventful...which is good!  "Uneventful" is a good thing for a pregnancy.  I'm not working anymore, just hanging out and playing the waiting game until Baby Girl gets here.  On one hand Joe and I are extremely excited to meet her but we are also trying to enjoy our last moments of peace and quiet and uninterrupted sleep.  My biggest gripe at the moment is how hard it is to roll over in bed.  So if that's my biggest problem so far, I am doing pretty well, right? Two weeks to go.  Have a Merry Christmas, everybody! 


  1. CONGRATS ON THE BABY! WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS?? WE ARE Anxious that Im typing in all caps!
    -Nada and Dan and Oliver

  2. Congrats Congrats Congrats!

    love, Beth