Sunday, August 11, 2013

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

I've been gone a while and definitely owe this space a few (hundred) pictures from our epic New Jersey trip last month, but before I do that...a eulogy. For a car.

We got rid of Big Blue today, the (semi) trusty old Taurus I've had for nine years. It was time. The poor dude just kept breaking down on us, and at some point you need to just stop pouring money into the dang thing for repairs. But nine years is a while, man. Nine years of back and forth to various jobs, nine years of wild nights to the city, nine years of transporting various kids, definitely nine years worth of crumbs and snacks and crumpled leaves and spilled coffee dumped onto the seats. So, so many memories in that giant blue sedan. I miss it already. I get so incredibly sentimental when I think of all the good stuff that happened with that car, driving down to our wedding and honeymoon or bringing Sody home from the hospital...but I didn't expect Sody to be so sad about the car too. She and I took our last drive in it this morning. She chose "Free to Be You and Me" as the last cd we would listen to and she talked the whole time about how she didn't want to get rid of the car. There were tears. And she physically kissed and hugged the car when we got out too.

We got ourselves a new (to us) Hyundai to replace it, and Sody is not on board with it yet at all. But considering all the changes in her year so far - new home, new classroom, new car - she is doing pretty great. And maybe the sunroof will win her over.