Wednesday, May 5, 2010

East Coast Invasion, Part 2

The influx of Finlaw family members continued last week with the arrival of Joe's parents and brother, also known as Mom Mom and Pop Pop and Uncle Cory. The sole purpose of the trip was to hang out with Miss Sody (natch), and we managed to squeeze in some donuts and cheesesteaks and sightseeing and the Jelly Belly factory along with that. 'Twas awesome. Check it:

One of the cutest things about this trip was how Sody fell a little bit more in love with her uncle. Sometimes we would just catch her looking at him with this goofy smile, just totally happy and content. Look at these two - storytimes, feeding each other, serious conversations. I think it's Isota's first crush.

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  1. As always, the pix are great....i like the outfit Sody is wearing 'in front of the cracker display--are those pants??

    i love the look on Sody's face where she is turning and wearing a pick sweater/jacket....