Saturday, May 15, 2010

2009 = 0, 2010 = 1

So last weekend was, of course, Mother's Day. And this year's Mother's Day totally kicked last year's Mother's Day's tushie. Last year we had big brunch plans and I was so excited to dress my tiny baby up in a cute little ridiculous dress and show her off for my first official Mother's Day. Yes, that is shallow and misses the real point of why we celebrate the day for our moms, but c'mon - what good is it to have an adorable baby girl if you can't dress her up and show her off every once in a while?? Plus, I need to embrace these moments before she starts getting opinions about clothes and doesn't let me dress her. Which I fear is actually not that far off. But I digress. So, anyway, last year: the day before the big day I had a gallbladder attack which left me in pain and scared to eat anything, so our brunch plans got canceled. Boo. We still had a nice time with my parents at their house but later I realized I didn't even get a picture of my girl and me together. And by the time I thought of it Isota was in the middle of a meltdown over something or other, totally ready for bed and hating life in that moment. So the only picture that exists of our first Mother's Day together has her red and and bleary eyed and crying, which really isn't a decent representation of our dear at all. Oh well. Memories, right?

Cut to this year: Brunch happened, a cute dress happened, showing her off happened. And the hubs got me a gorgeous cookbook from a gorgeous restaurant that I love. 2010 definitely wins this round!


  1. Wow I got really behind on your blog! First Happy Mothers Day! Second those pigtails are THE cutest thing!! Like seriously I think I would have her in those daily!!!

  2. yeah, the pigtails are my fave. she looks like a little cartoon character with them. unfortunately she figured out how to pull out the elastics so it's not as easy to keep them in anymore!