Monday, May 24, 2010

Lest You Think it's all Rainbows and Butterflies

Today was kind of a rough one. "Rough" is all relative, though, and having an off day with Isota is nothing compared with how some kids act. Believe me, I know how good and easy I have it. But today was the first time where I started to see what we may be in for soon. As we close in on a year and a half, we are flirting dangerously close with the infamous Terrible Twos. Today was a glimpse: Isota doing a lot of her demanding grunts/noises ("Uh! Uh! UH!" along with pounding on something) and pulling books off shelves and touching things she shouldn't touch. As well as my new personal favorite where she lets lets her whole body go limp and tries to fall to the ground in protest of me picking her up. Oy. And intellectually, I *know* it's all age related and I *know* she has to go through this stuff to mature...but sometimes it's just hard not to take a smack in the face personally, you know? She is just getting so big and turning into her own person. And realizing she is her own person. Complete with the power to do what she wants instead of what we tell her. "Hm, should I toss this plate of pasta onto the floor even though every time I throw food on the floor Mama tells me not to? Sure, why not??"

I know what you are all saying: It's only the beginning, Mama...

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  1. Ha! I know the "limp fish" routine well. This week Desmond mastered the "grab my hand and yank me round" routine- lots of new skills these toddlers have. BTW- we are having a BBQ on Sunday from 2 until whenever. I hope you guys can come! 4107 Lincoln Ave xxoo