Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sody vs. Sugar. Discuss.

Like most kids, the girl has a sweet tooth. I try not to feed into it too much, but she definitely has formed some kind of baby radar to search and find and just know what is a treat and what isn't. The other night I picked up some food at a Greek cafe and of course got a couple pieces of baklava for dessert. Now I am quite sure Sody has never had baklava or even heard the word "baklava" in her 17 months, but she still bypassed all the hummus and pita and falafel and zeroed in on the baklava and begged me ("uh, uh, uh!!!!") to open that package. She just knew there was a delicious treat in there. I have no idea how kids instinctively know this stuff.

Yesterday we made cupcakes together. I stand her up on a stool and she "helps" by pushing my mini spatula around the mixing bowl. Not to mention she makes a five minute task take about 25 minutes...but what can you do? Anyway, the second I turned my head to check the recipe, Little Miss took a measuring spoon and dipped it in the bowl and ate a spoonful of sugar. I caught the tail end of the act and she had this crazy bewildered look on her face at first, like she couldn't believe what she was eating. Then it turned into this face:

It reminds me of a something that happened a while ago that still cracks me up every time I think of it. First, I need to paint a little picture of what a typical morning looks like around Chez Finlaw: Sody wakes up first, duh. Sometimes there is some crying, sometimes she is babbling to her stuffed monkey, Chuck D, and sometimes she is just waiting quietly for someone to come rescue her from the confines of the crib. We get her and bring her back to our bed and if it's really ungodly early (like pre-6:30 am) we pray that she falls back asleep with us for a bit. This usually does not happen, as no one seemed to give babies the memo that sleeping in rules. So she plays in our bed for a bit, like with the books sitting on the headboard (have I mentioned how awesome it is to be woken up by a fat hard cover library book falling on your head?) or the few toys I have stashed up there while Joe and I try to catch a tiny bit more rest before really having to get up and face the world. Sometimes in my groggy state I let her climb out of the bed and go explore. I can usually tell where she is and what she is playing with based solely on the sound the toys make. And you know if there is complete silence she has found something naughty that she shouldn't be playing with.

So the other morning I let her out of bed and she toddled out to the living room. Instead of heading to her toy box with all its lively and noisy toys, there was nothing but quiet. I dragged myself out of bed to investigate, turned the corner to the living room, and found this little nugget:

Doublefisting the chocolate chip cookies I had (stupidly) left out on the coffee table the night before! I cracked up and she offered me one, like, "Here, Mom, join me for this amazing breakfast!" So generous, no? Needless to say, I check and double check the coffee table now before heading to bed.

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