Friday, July 17, 2009

New Jersey, Part 1: The Good

Our trip was fantastic and already feels too long ago. Highlights: Sody doing great on the plane flights (mostly sleeping), veggie strombolis almost as big as the tray they sat on, going to the shore, amazing weather, getting coffee at the Wawa, many custard stand trips, Philly, Sody's 6 month birthday, soccer games, swimming, Joe falling in love with a Wii, watching movies, taking walks around the neighborhood, talking and debating and hanging out around the house, and most importantly: just being with family. We miss you guys terribly.

Pictures below: 1) on the plane, 2) with Cousin Ryan and Pop Pop, 3) Mom Mom, 4) Uncle Jason, 5) Aunt Courtney and her boyfriend Kevin, 6) going swimmin' - she actually had so much fun in the water but this face cracks me up, 7) her 6 month birthday cake - she was already in bed when we celebrated so we sang happy birthday to a cell phone picture Pop Pop put by the cake, 8) record shopping in Philly.


  1. That pool picture is hilarious. :D Glad the plane ride was successful, I was wondering about that!!

  2. I LOVE the record picture- she already has discerning taste!

  3. Seriously, the pictures of the pool and the record store have surly-future-bass-player-of-a-grrl-band-signed-by-the-2029-incarnation-of-Killed by Rock Stars all over it. Max already wants a date.