Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Jersey, Part 3: The Messy

The last thing I want to tell you about our trip to NJ was that we gave Isota her first real vegetable while we were there: baby food carrots. Messy as predicted and she seemed to really like them. Since then, she has added to her repertoire: green beans (thumbs up), zucchini (she gave me "gag face"), sweet potatoes (she warmed up to it) and frozen grapes and frozen peaches in her mesh feeder (VERY popular). She is pretty good at the eating thing so far, except that she seems to enjoy chewing on the spoon more than anything. I am having a hard time waiting a few days between introducing a new food because I want to puree everything in sight now. Fun times!

I know some people get grossed out with messy baby food pics but I can't resist posting these. Welcome to the mess, folks.


  1. That bottom picture is great!! I'm looking forward to trying foods. I hear avocado is a good one, and we have a tree. I'm hoping Max likes food!! :D

  2. i can't wait to try avocado + banana + tofu mashed up together...that was always popular with the kids i babysat for. hope max likes too!

  3. Sodi Had a taste of Chocolate Tooseie Pop too!
    Tha's what POP POP 's Do!!!!!!(:)

    Little Miss Sodi you will thank me some day.
    There are plenty more good treat awaiting you in Jersey .Not to mention the great Jersey Tomato
    Love Pop Pop Finlaw