Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Skillz

One of the trippiest things about being being back at a job all day (I was going to say being back at "work," but that isn't correct, as being a stay-at-home mom or dad is absolutely work. Right, Joe?) is that Sody knows and says all these random things now that surprise me. Things that I didn't know she knew. Things that obviously came from someone other than me. I am so used to knowing her abilities, knowing all of her words, or at least knowing where she is getting new words. Now she catches me off guard by walking past a trash can and saying, "People left their cigarettes there." WHA-HUH? You know the word "cigarettes"?? Or the day when we taped up a picture of hers on the wall and stepped back to admire how it stayed up, she gave me a high five and exclaimed, "We're a TEAM!" Which was so cute and so unexpected.

What really floored me was watching her color this a.m. Up until now she hasn't done much beyond circular scribbles and up-and-down zig zags, but this morning she told me she made a happy face and it WAS. A head! Two eyes! A smiley mouth! It was a full, clear, obvious happy face. I couldn't believe it. My daughter knows how to draw a happy face. How does this happen without me knowing? How does she acquire all these skills behind my back? I am a teensy bit sad about it because I hate missing those moments of her learning new things. I used to get so much more of those. But mostly I am just so, so excited for her. Daddy gets to teach her all these new things that she wouldn't necessarily get from me. All these new things to surprise me with.

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