Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mom Has a Birthday

My thirty-third birthday was last week and I spent it with my favorite people doing some of my favorite things: eating and shopping and wandering around a big city. So, birthday success! Started off with breakfast here with my parents (even got a muffin with a candle and the Happy Birthday song from the staff - most people hate/are embarrassed when that happens. I, however, eat it up. Me and my only-child ego love the attention. Love it. Ha.) then the Hubs and the Babe and I took off for San Francisco. In a nutshell: Sody got her first trip on BART, we walked around Union Square and ate at Burger Bar in Macy's. (Nutshell review of that place: SO. GOOD. The meat, the boozy milkshake, the fat fries, the skinny fries, the sweet potato fries - oh, yes! we had them all - I am still thinking about them.) All in all, pretty perfect day.

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