Thursday, January 7, 2010


Already feeling like Christmas was ages ago so it’s time to get these pictures up here. Our holiday was fantastic. Basically we spent half of December in New Jersey with Joe’s family. My parents came out for a few days too, so everyone could be together for the baby’s first Christmas. It is always great when we go back for a visit, always hard to leave and come home…but all of that is tenfold with the baby in tow. I am starting to realize how much I truly love big families – Joe has four siblings, FYI – and all the love and camaraderie and teasing and shared meals and chaos and noise and late night talks that come with them. There is always someone to hold and love and play with Sody, always someone to hang out with, always someone to entertain you. Sometimes it feels like utter craziness, too, but it’s the best kind possible. And it makes you even more appreciative of peace and quiet when that comes around!

It was a little more magical in NJ this year, too, because we happened to be there for a huge snowstorm. We bundled up our little lady, made a snowman one day, sledded around a bit and had tons of cocoa when we came back in. It was all very Norman Rockwell. We also discovered Sody loves eating snow – even when her hand was so cold it hurt she would keep going.

So, she had her first snow and first birthday cake (we had a little East Coast pre-birthday celebration for her, along with her Aunt Courtney on her birthday – thanks for sharing the date Courtney!) and first Xmas, where she was spoiled with treats and with love and with family. It was a beautiful trip, one we wish we could make more often. We love and miss you, Mom-mom and Pop-Pop and Cory and Courtney and Jason and Angelina and Ryan and Cousin Ryan and Grandmom and Grandpop and on and on and on! (I told you Joe has a big family.)


  1. Oh man I love these pictures! The two snow ones (Sody & sled, and the snowman one) are two to frame!! Looks like a great time!

  2. That picture in the snow is amazing!