Sunday, February 13, 2011

This is My Latest Butter Tree

Isota's speech has been coming at us like a freight train these past few weeks. Everyone says when it happens it happens fast and that has been true for us so far. Honestly, for a while there, I was a little...not "worried" per se, but definitely wondering exactly where all her words were. She has had plenty of individual words for a while, but I keep meeting kids around the same age or younger who seem to be a little more advanced in that department. Of course, it's not fair to compare kids and everyone has their own little language timetable and blah blah blah...but at the same time it does make you step back a little and go, "What is going on here?"

But man, the last few weeks have been crazy. Repeating all sorts of things we say, busting out two word phrases all over the place, sometimes three words, and even a couple of full-on sentences: "I love you Mama" was the first one. Sure, it wasn't spontaneous and she was merely repeating what Joe said, but the point is that she said it! Those little words came out of her little mouth! In her sweet little voice! It's enough to melt your little black heart, eh? Another sentence I caught her saying the other day was "Happy Birthday To Me" which cracked me up because that is pretty much her favorite song right now. She insists on me singing it every night before bed. She is a weirdo.

Last week she was going on and on about a "butter tree." And I was like, WTF? Butter tree? Half the fun of this new found speech stuff is the figuring out what exactly she is talking about. The butter tree threw me for a bit. And then she was playing with her little kiddie laptop toy (oh yes, they have those) and she pushed a particular button on it and it spoke: "Blog Entry!" And then Sody said, "Butter Tree!" AH HA! So not only have we gone from single words to simple phrases in a very short time, we have also made the leap into computer speak. Be sure to look for Sody's own blog soon. She is going to surpass me in smarts and talents way sooner than I would like, I can already tell.


  1. Who would have know that butter tree is blog entry! Cute..... Madelyn said she really enjoyed that entry. I'm going to tell her to post her own comments....

  2. It must be time for a little butter