Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quotey Isoty

So the talking thing has taken off. I guess around 2 or 2 1/2 language is supposed to explode, and it sure has for Isota. Suddenly we have this little person around our house who speaks in sentences. Sure, she still switches Fs and Ss ("smart" becomes "fart" for example) and she has her own names for some things (Curious George = "Monkey George") but for the most part, she is a Full-On Human Talker. She gets stuff. She responds to stuff. And it's super cute when takes a second before she talks because you can see her trying to find the right words. I can't understand every single thing every time, but it's exhilarating when I finally figure it out. It's awesome when she can tell I am struggling to understand and she gives me other similar words to help me out.

And did I mention she is hilarious too? I can't believe some of the things that come out of her mouth. Some of my recent favorite moments:

*At a park, she was watching the girl next to us who was dressed in a black/white shirt. She tends to identify strangers by their shirt color, so she asks me, "What that white girl doing, Mommy?" (also, this girl was African-American. oops.)

*She started humming a tune and I started nodding my head in time. She says, "You a good dancer, Mommy!"

*Dinner at IKEA the other night (have I mentioned this is my favorite cheapo food place? Kid's meal for $2.50! Plus, she gets to play in the children's section while I dream of having a bigger house and all the cute things I would put in her room. Then we go pick up cheap ground coffee and jam. Yum.) and when I offered her a meatball, she said *exactly* this: "No thank you, Mommy, I have my own dinner." The politeness of this response just killed me.

*To understand this quote, you should know that Sody loves the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. She is taken with the one part where Willy Wonka first comes out of the factory and pretends that he cannot walk, but then suddenly does a somersault. We explained that that is Willy's trick. So...the other morning I woke up to "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" so I went to go see her and she wasn't in her bed. I turned around and saw her sitting on the couch with two little stuffed animals next to her, all tucked in under the blanket. I started laughing and telling her that she tricked me because I thought she would be in bed. And she said, "Willy Wonka play trick on ground. Sody play trick on couch!" So so proud of herself.

*Spilled her cup of water last night, grabbed a towel from the kitchen, started cleaning up and said over and over, "Don't worry Mommy, it's only water."

*Tonight, watching a man spinning dough at a pizza place, she told me "Sody want to be 'may-er' when I grow up." Aside from how cool it is that this was the first time she said something about what to be when she grows up, it took me a while to figure out this one ('may-er' was "maker" which she eventually explained further by saying "cooker" who "mays pizzas"). But she was basically saying she wants to be a PIZZA MAKER when she grows up! We are thrilled. Joe is set for life.

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