Friday, February 22, 2013


So, we found a new apartment! Not gonna lie, it was a bit of a rough search this go-round but we finally got one. We are currently surrounded by a fairly big mess and I predict it will be this way for a little while. Joe moved in about a thousand or so boxes today (all by himself! what a husband!) but Official Moving Day is tomorrow.  So until all the dust settles with this move we are going to disappear a bit from blogland. 

Oddly (and wonderfully) enough, the new place is just a few blocks down the street from our current home. We picked up the keys today and took Sody over for her first look at the place. We have been talking it up a lot and trying to pump her up, and her reaction did not disappoint: she ran out to the covered porch/sunroom (my favorite feature) and started shouting, "Wow! This is great! You picked the best house! You are the best family!" Which basically made us melt into a big puddle of happy parent goo. Very thankful that she is excited about the move too...but really, all we needed to tell her was that the new building has a pool. The day we told her that she was sold.

We toasted our last night here with pizza and root beer. Can't really think of anything more fitting for us. It's been a great little house for us for the past three years, longest we've stayed in one spot for some time. And the things we like most about it - great location, nice neighbors, friends nearby - are all things that are still going to apply. I will be even closer to Trader Joe's than I was before! I have turned a five minute walk into a two minute walk! Ridiculous! And though we are still on the same street, the new building is set back so we won't be missing the crazy traffic and thumping bass and horrendous motorcycles and huge semis that literally shake our windows. Good riddance to all that. Onto bigger and better. Though it was weird to make the realization tonight that Sody just turned four and is about to move into her fourth home. Eeeek.

New transmissions from our new pad coming soon!

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