Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sody is two weeks old

Two weeks and one day, to be exact. Here is what has happened in her first couple weeks on the planet:

*umbilical cord fell off
*had her first bath - not happy about it
*first diaper rash (hellooooo Desitin!)
*had her first babysitters - Grandma and Grandpa Peterson while Mom and Dad snuck out for lunch
*working very hard at sucking on her own fingers, just can't figure out how to keep them in her mouth yet
*baked her first cake with Mom while sleeping in a sling
*made a trip to Dad's office to get shown off to all the coworkers - slept through the whole thing.


  1. Good Job Alicia! The "Fast" story is almost scary, but how wonderful to skip over hours of labor. Sody is beautiful and so are you. I know that feeling of being totally enraptured; that's just how it was for Don and me with Johnny. And Bo too. It is a feeling you can only know when the baby is your own, and I have been looking forward to you experiencing this for YEARS, literally.
    Love, Heather

  2. Yay for more pictures! Staring at babies is great fun. I love her nickname!

    - Robyn

    ps. Both Burts Bees and Aveeno diaper creme work just as well as desitin but are less sticky and smelly and easier to wipe off your own hands!

  3. yeah, i noticed cod liver oil as an ingredient in the desitin. ewwwww!