Thursday, January 29, 2009

Week in Review

So many firsts this past week! First bottle - sucked down 3 oz. like a champ. First shopping trip with Mom - slept through it, but she got a new coat. Score! First restaurant trip with the lovely LeBoeuf family - again, slept through it. First surprise bouquet of flowers from Dad, who brought some home for Mom too because he is a very smart man. First giant booger popping out of her nose when she sneezed, too - and I think we have officially crossed some sort of Crazy New Parent line because we kept taking pictures of how cute it was. We have lost it, haven't we?

Tomorrow she is four weeks old. Is it weird to feel like she is already growing up fast?


  1. Awww she is so cute! I love that you had the first booger from a sneeze. I can't wait for all of our first too!!

  2. Another first soon coming from New Jersey
    The arrival of the East Coast Grandparents.
    We will not be ariiving with a bango on our knee
    But we will be more then happy to put that little Angel on our knee.You guys are Awesome for giving us such apretty little faec tyo smoioch on.
    See you soon
    Dad and Mom alias MoM MOM and Pop PoP

  3. Ok
    I am so excited I cannot spell
    Oh well
    Enjoy the smiles