Saturday, March 28, 2009

This post is going to be so emo

My dear friend Heather V. used to have a poem about babies and all their utter sweetness (I think it was hanging in the laundry room of the Bellevue house...right, Heather?) and I can't remember all the words anymore but I do remember the end: something about not wanting to be disturbed because "I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep." And I just so feel those words lately. I am so painfully, acutely aware of how precious and fleeting this time is right now. Sody is almost three months old and I already feel like she has gotten to be such a big girl. Not like she is ready to march off to college or anything...but just the little things like growing out of her newborn outfits or moving up a size in diapers are a teensy bit sad because it's a reminder how babies are only babies for such a short time. I know that it's all just going to get better and better and she is going to get more and more fun because I have seen this firsthand with all the kids I have taken care of over the years. It is just awesome to watch them grow into these amazing little people, and of course I can't wait to see that with Sody as well. But the present with her is just SO sweet right now. Watching her figuring out her hands, making the most absurd slurping sounds while she sucks on her fingers, smiling back when you smile, just being so happy to see you, laughing at her own image in a goes on and on. She is delicious and fun and adorable and chubby and so happy and making us so happy and it's going by fast. Babies are awesome. Especially ours!


  1. That's the coolest thing ever!

    I am really attempting to document as much as I can about Maxwell while I can, I'm starting a brand new journal this morning and am going to try and update it daily with at least a quick paragraph talking about our lives with him. We've already learned so much about him in a couple of days, I am looking forward to seeing him develop more and more! Isota is beautiful and you guys are very lucky!

  2. It's true. Jett is 4.5, and I just cannot believe how fast it's going. Enjoy these moments now that you've got them - yes, it can be a pain in the ass having little kicking feet in between you at night, but one day she, like Jett, will be so thrilled to be a "big kid" that you won't get it anymore. And you, like me, will actually be kinda sad about it.