Friday, March 20, 2009


Sorry for the long delay in posts, people...but we are moved! I am now writing this from good ol' Sacto, amidst more than just a few boxes. It was definitely a challenging move this time around but if you are lucky like me you have: a) a saint of a husband who takes on most of the work - including multiple trips back and forth to Oakland to get all our stuff, b) an amazing baby who seems pretty content to just chill out all day, watching her parents pack and clean and unpack again, and c) great parents who not only let you store stuff at their house but also let you crash there for almost a week because your own place is too messy to live in! But it is finally (mostly) done and the new place is shaping up.

Now we are dealing with some sleep issues with Sody. i.e. she is not really sleeping as well as she did - not wanting to be in her bassinet, up more during the night, etc. I don't know if the move messed her up or what, but I guess we all have new things to get used to now. Or this is just the fun of having a baby: once you get into a nice routine, they change it all on you. Any moms out there with tips for us - just yell!

Also, this post is dedicated to Lucky, my parents dog who is up in Doggie Heaven now. He was a great dog who had a great long life and we are all going to miss him terribly. This is one of my favorite pictures ever - my dad and Lucky about to head out for one of their daily walks.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about Lucky... I'm sure your grandparents are taking good care of him:)

    love, Beth

  2. Congratulations on being moved...See you soon!

    love (again) Beth

  3. Lucky was very Lucky to have such great owners.
    Good picture of Lucky and the Man!
    Sorry to hear about her passing .