Saturday, May 9, 2009

Best Time of Day

One of my favorite moments of my day, each day, is when I go to get Isota out of her crib (well, technically it's not a crib, it's a portable play yard thingy in our bedroom...we have a crib but we haven't put it together yet. And also I am still not sure *I* am ready to move her into her own room yet! It's too easy to just lean over in the middle of the night to the Pack N Play, make sure she is breathing, then go right back to sleep) first thing in the morning, when I hear her little baby cooing that seems to say, "Ok, guys, I'm up, let's get this party started!" When I lean in to say good morning, she gets this insane smile like she has never been happier to see anyone in her whole life. The little legs start pumping and the fists go waving and she is just SO excited. Even if it's waaaaay too early to be awake and all I want to do is fall right back into my nice warm bed, it's never a nuisance. It's pure sunshine. You hear people say stuff like that before you have a kid and you're like, "Yeah, right...I'll take my sleep instead, thanks..." but here I am, succumbing to all of it. I'll take her happiness over my own sleep any day.

And while we are on the subject of awesome things: can we just focus on my daughter's cheeks for a sec? How great are these?? Look at 'em - I am sure she could fit at least a couple of ping pong balls in there. I dare you to find something else on this planet that is so soft and squishy and kissable. I need to figure out a way to bottle them up and save them for when she grows out of babyhood but I still need a cheek fix.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day Miss Alicia!

    love, Beth