Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sody Goes A-Swimmin'

It hit 102 degrees here last weekend so it was prime time to stick the kid in the pool. First time! She rocked her bikini for the event and seemed to dig the pool. Once she got used to the water she was super mellow and chilled out in her little floaty.


  1. That is so cute. Where did you get the float? We got one for Max, but it's a little different. I hope he fits in it okay. My mom has a 4th of July swim party, so we will at least find out then. Did you put her in those swimmer diapers? I bought some for Max, but he doesn't weigh the amount on the package for Small. I guess we'll see.

  2. So cute!!!! Desmond needs one of those floaties. It was so great to see you too and now I'll get to keep track of your family via this cute blog! Love it.

  3. jessica - hey! glad you found us.

    sarah- we just got the float at our local grocery store for cheap. and she just barely made the 16 lb minimum for the small size swim diapers but they work like a charm. good luck!