Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby's First Chicken Festival

Yes, you read that right. It was Mom and Dad's first chicken festival too, for that matter. This past weekend our little town had a "Chicken Festival" street fair in the small downtown village (basically a cute little area with some shops, a park, a hippie veggie food stand, and an outdoor theater)(where I saw my first Shakespearean play when I was a kid, btw) to honor all the chickens that roam around the streets. Yes, there are chickens in this town that just walk all over and kind of rule the streets. It's awesome. One of the nicest/fanciest restaurants in Sac is located here and I love sitting out on the fancy patio with the fancy harp player and the fancy food and lovely trees...and then a bunch of chickens start walking past making a bunch of racket. It is endearing. Anyway, the chickens are much loved around town and so that was the excuse for the street fair. We met my dad for breakfast there and Isota tried her first pancake. She also dropped her first pancake and waved bye bye to it on the floor. (Then even later she got down and almost ate the pancake off the floor too, but let's just gloss over that part, shall we?) Then we roamed the craft booths, posed with a cardboard Obama, and got shaved ice. Which the baby couldn't keep her fingers out of. Hopefully she doesn't grow up to have as much of a sweet tooth as her mother...

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  1. Looks like fun! I love how you are wearing her still. Max breaks my back!!