Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ew Ew Ewwy Gross

If you are reading this and you know me fairly well, you probably know that the one food that I have always abhorred my entire life is fresh tomatoes. It is the single thing my mom wrote in my baby book that I did not like and to this day I still do not like them. It makes no sense, really, as I love just about every tomato product out there: canned tomatoes, tomato soup, fresh chunky salsa, spaghetti sauce, and on and on. Not to mention that Heinz ketchup practically flows through my veins - all the foods I put ketchup on could make up a whole other blog entry. But there is just something about a fresh tomato slice that just makes me shudder. I have tried in vain over the years to like them...I really want to, they look so pretty all plump and red and bursting with juice, sitting there glistening at the farmer's market...but every time I think "Ok, maybe today is the day it won't taste so gross" I am never able to actually swallow the thing.

So, I accept my tomato fate. Joe isn't crazy about them, either. But we have recently discovered someone in our family who can tolerate tomatoes. So if we ever forget to say "hold the tomato" we know who to give them to.

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  1. Oliver loves loves loves tomato!
    We have little grape ones growing in our garden and he just digs them.