Thursday, March 4, 2010

Moving, Walking, Settling In

So, obviously, a lot has been going on at Baby Finlaw HQ but I haven't found a lot of time to properly document it all. I do believe a few posts back I said I would report on the difficulty of a move with a newborn vs. a one year old...and I am going to officially say it is harder with a one year old. For the simple fact that one year olds MOVE. We were lucky enough to have friends and family pitching in a lot to help us out - and my parents watched Isota a lot as well - so the actual physical part of moving tons of boxes from one city to another was smoother this time, actually. After all, we are sort of becoming pros at this move-every-year thing (unfortunately) so we can get it down to a science. The hard part came after all the boxes were in, everything waiting to be unpacked, everything stacked weirdly and perched precariously on top of each other, everything threatening to be a danger to a toddler on the move. And as anyone with a one year old can attest to - it is very difficult to get anything productive done while they are awake. Slowly but surely it is all shaping up to look like a home, though. We will get there.

But! Amidst all the hubbub of moving, Isota managed to hit a huge milestone: she started walking. Literally, like, the day after we moved in, she just kind of walked off away from me across the room like it was no big deal. Up to that point she had been doing little steps here and there, maybe three at a time, but that day was it. And ever since she just keeps practicing and getting better and seems to love being so mobile. The crawl has been left in the dust, friends. And it's insanely cute to see the stumbly little walk in action. I could watch it forever.

Unfortunately I didn't really get any good walking pictures yet (took some video but it's sideways so I don't think you want to tilt your head and watch it that way) so you just get some recent random stuff. Settling in. Happy times.

...except for the colds we caught...

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