Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cute Product Alert

So I bought this new snack tray for Isota and I love it so much I am devoting a whole blog post to it. It's called a Nibble Tray, and in addition to being uber-cute and pineapple shaped, it is extremely useful: divided sections for an array of snacks, plus a removable and freezable green section that can hold cold stuff like dips, yogurt, etc. Plus a lid and BPA-free plastic. Score! The reason I am loving it so much is that Isota is definitely not thrilled about sitting so still for high chair meals at the moment. It's way more fun to run around and stand up and graze at the living room table to refuel. Not the best habit, but definitely a toddler trait at this age. I am kind of a stickler about nutrition and can get a little hyper over her meals, about what she eats and what she refuses. (Though I think I am getting a bit more relaxed about it, I swear!) She is getting a bit pickier now, not inhaling vegetables with the same fervor she used to, but I still need to offer up all the good stuff like that every day. As the wisdom goes, it's the parent's job to provide the healthful food and the kid's job to decide what and how much of it she wants to eat. This little snack tray wonder lets me fill it with calorie/nutrient dense snacks, Sody can choose what she wants and how much she wants, and I can rest easy that I am offering up a variety of nutrients. She may still refuse some stuff, but so far she seems more willing to try something if it's in the tray. Maybe it's just more fun to eat out of a pineapple.

Plus, the lid makes it portable and easy for when we go babysitting. Have I mentioned that I have sort-of gone back to work? Three days a week I babysit and Sody comes with me. Three different families, three great kids, all close-ish in age to Isota. The kids get a playmate, we get a little extra dough, I get exhausted. Fun times!


  1. Mom says, so where is one supposed to buy one of these trays? Mom also says it would be great to send this 'promotion' to the company too (easier said than done I am sure...)

    Good pixture of it!

  2. That tray is cute. Where do I find one? Does she try to flip the whole thing over or let it be? M likes to pick the plates and bowls up and flip them upside down still.

  3. sarah - ha, yep, sody still loves to do that too! that is the one improvement that could be made on this thing - some kind of magical ability to stay put and not get flipped over and thrown on the ground. (those suction cup type ones never worked well for us, she figured that one out fast) but i'm still into it!

    got it on amazon, the brand is Zak and they call it the Nibble Tray. eight bux!

  4. Oh cool! Thanks! I'm going to look into getting one.

    Happy 18 months!! :D