Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Love My Dad, Even When I Am Sick

Father's Day Weekend: the zoo, brunch with my folks, and mini ice cream cones. The reason Sody looks a little zonked in these shots is because she caught yet another cold, and this one is a really good and disgusting drippy one. Poor thing. Here's the pic that sums up the day:

We did have a lovely brunch, despite the looks of that one above. Though in a haze of brunch cocktails and chatter, we all neglected to notice Sody eating jam out of a packet WITH A KNIFE. A dull butter knife that can barely cut through toast probably, but still - a knife. Eating jam straight is one (terrible) thing, but doing it in that fashion is just a whole new level of parental neglect. Witness:

Later, she was feeling so crappy and acting like such a trooper I felt like I had to reward her efforts with an ice cream. She handed it back to me after only a couple bites. A kid who won't finish her ice cream is definitely a sick kid.

The day before we headed out for Isota's first time at the Oakland Zoo. The sun bear and the giraffes were a hit, but the carousel ride...not so much. Of course, who can blame her - sick and sleepy and your parents make you ride a giant fake chimp that goes in circles. She must think adults are totally nuts.


  1. Love the zoo pictures! So great!! Hope Sody feels better soon!!

  2. Awww, poor Sody. And I guess you just had to throw that ice cream out...
    PS. OMG WE MISS YOU GUYS!!! Wrote you a postcard from Mexico but didnt have your address, email me and I'll send it. xxx