Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shyness Must Skip a Generation

I was shy kid. This may be hard to believe now - I overcame it and then some - but it's true. I am not sure of how young I was when shyness set in, but I do remember that feeling of being small and keeping quiet and afraid to speak up for who knows what reasons. So far, I don't think this gene has been passed on to Miss Isota. Like, AT ALL. The girl busts out in song in line at the post office, she waves hi to just about everyone we pass on the street (even better is, after she does it, she turns to us and says "I said hi!" which always elicits another smile from said passerby), and she meets new people everywhere.

Last weekend we had a play date fall through due to a misunderstanding. The place we were supposed to meet was closed so as Sody and I sat outside to figure out our next move, a mom and her two kids walked up. When they saw the place was closed they turned around and headed on the path down to the beach. Sody started to get fascinated by the two kids who were obviously close to her age and started along walking with them. She looked up at their mom and said, "I'm going to join you." Before I could jump in and protest, the mom said, "Oh, great! We would love to have you come with us!" And before you know it, we had ourselves a two hour playdate at the beach with perfect strangers. The mom was super cool, the kids played together nicely, and now we have new local friends to call on for beach dates. Friends I never would have met if it weren't for my gregarious little daughter inviting herself along. Who knew a 2 1/2 year old would expand my social life?

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