Monday, June 11, 2012

Auntie Beth Comes to Visit

Oh, what can I say about Auntie Beth? Beth is my best friend. Beth lives too far away in Washington. Beth is the one who I was randomly paired with to share a dorm room when I started college, and here we are nearly 18 years later. (Yes, it pains me to think I started college almost 20 years ago, but I shall save that for another woe-is-me-and-my-old-ass day...) Beth is the yin to my yang. Where I am an annoyingly talkative and hyper open book, Beth is an oasis of calm. A gorgeous, kind, generous, amazing listener who is a bit of an enigma. (That was for you, Beth - you can kill me later.) Also, she is the one who started this blog for us right before Sody was born, so you can go ahead and blame/thank her for all these silly and increasingly rare updates.

At any rate, it had been about a year and half since I had last seen my Beth, which is far too long in best friend world. So she made an impromptu and much needed visit down here to stay for a few days, and it was the best medicine in the world. I'm not sure she was quite prepared for the bundle of energy that is Sody at age 3 (the constant barrage of questions/fact sharing that Sody started the second we picked her up at the airport brought on one of my favorite Beth quotes of the trip: "Wow, you DO take after your Mommy!") but she rolled with it. We had adventures. We ate a lot.  We tried to convince her to move here.

some dorks taking pictures in the Chez Panisse bathroom

We didn't have enough time!!


  1. I finally checked again and here is a post. I enjoyed it and if I were not in the know about the visit, I would be saying, after reading the post, "I want to know more!"

  2. It was soooo good to see you guys (and Pete and Sharon too!). Thanks for the awesome Rhubarb pie (the highlight!), mac and cheese, fried chicken and slaw, deli sandwich, hunk of mozzarella, fresh cherries (which I only ate two of because Sody ate the whole bowl... in one bite!), quinoa cakes, Chez Panisse and crisp scraped out of the pan... (and the list goes on). I am looking forward to many more visits in the years ahead, and to seeing Sody on Broadway someday. That girl has talent.

    Love you guys! Happy Father's Day to Joe, and Pete:).



  3. And, my dear Alicia, it is you who is moving to Seattle:). Right, Joe?

    love (again),

    your beth