Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Playing Hooky

We had a super epic day playing hooky last week. Joe, being from South Jersey, is a Phillies fan, and guess who was in town recently to play the Giants? So we skipped work, pulled Sody out of school, and took the ferry into SF for a baseball game. The unpredictable San Francisco weather was the only iffy part of the day (we weren't super prepared for coldness, but at least I threw a pair of leggings in my bag for Sody "just in case" because they surely got used) but everything else was fantastic. The boat ride together, the views, the gorgeous ballpark, garlic fries, a kids play area where Sody got to hit a ball and run the bases (later, when she saw the real field when the game started, she said "This one is bigger than the kid's field. Why?"), her attention span for the game and sitting in her seat and just taking in everything, all of it. Also - this was cool - one of Sody's friends from school has a mom who is a sportswriter who happened to be working that day, so she gave us a tour of the press box. Sody fist-bumped someone kinda famous there but I can't remember who and Joe is asleep so I can't verify this right now. He was big and he had a huge World Series ring. That's all I know. But the point is, the whole day was pretty rad and special. Perfect family day.

Special shout out to my in-laws for supplying all the Phillies gear in recent years, because we were completely decked out!




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