Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekend fun timez

A sampling of what our weekends look like:
going for walks in the 'hood

getting pumped up to go work out with Dad - they went running together

swimming! our new building has a pool! we are so, so excited about this!

first soup-in-a-bread-bowl experience. she wanted to order chili and I had no idea she liked chili before this...I only make chunky veg chili which she has never had any interest in, but apparently the chili at school is awesome and she loves it. specifically with rice and cheese on top. so thank you, Teacher Carmen, for your fabulous cooking! sody loves your cheeseburgers, too.

making art: the start

making art: it's finished.
(I know it's probably obvious to you that the big one is Daddy, the next person is Mommy, and the last little one that looks like just a head is Sody. the scribble squiggle lines are her "writing" which says, "dear pop-pop, I hope you like this picture that I made for you.")

hanging with buds. digging in sand while wearing princess dresses. of course.

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