Monday, August 31, 2009

At the Fair

After a lot of running around the past couple weeks - mostly with too many trips to the Bay Area, whether it be Joe's work or rock shows or socializing - it was really great to spend this past weekend at home doing all the things the weekend was made for: a little cooking, a little cleaning, some errands, and a yummy Sunday brunch with my folks. It was all quite restorative. And we kicked off the weekend with one of my favorite summer activities: going to the State Fair.

I have been going to the State Fair since I was a kid and have many fond memories of fried food, rickety-looking rides, animals, and exhibition halls with people in headsets hawking cookware. And once my grandpa won a HUGE stuffed bear for me from one of the midway games, which was just about the coolest thing that could have ever happened to me, of course. I was excited to take Joe and Isota to the Fair for their first times and I am happy to report not much has changed since I was a kid. We saw cows and goats up close and (stinky) personal, had kettle corn and sarsaparilla, and even managed to score Sody a sweet stuffed purple stingray with our stellar balloon dart skills. We named him Louis. He is French.

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  1. That stingray is awesome! I love it...carry on the tradition!!