Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Big furniture news around here, guys. Not only is Sody finally sleeping in a real crib but she has her very own room now! It's quite exciting. Previously, our second bedroom had been half Sody's room and half Joe's office. It contained all Sody's stuff but she still actually slept in the Pack n Play in our room. But last week Joe moved his office into our bedroom, put together the crib, and voila - instant baby room! I am so used to the three of us happily squished together in one spot that it feels pretty luxurious for her to have her own room. It's lovely and I am getting to do all the nesting stuff again - arranging and cleaning out and making it her own little space. The only thing left is getting more stuff and art on the walls, but I am being conservative in that respect after our last move. I put so much up and so many nails in the walls of our old apartment that Joe the saint spent hours spackling and repainting when we moved out. Who says I can't learn a lesson?

And yes, the first night or two of her sleeping in her own room was slightly traumatic for me ("Joe, she feels SO far away!") but she had no problems for the occasional dropping of the pacifier outside the crib, or getting the leg stuck between the rails.


  1. I'm sure you remember that I blogged about that with Max! I just told myself it's better for Max bc he gets to grow up more independent! So good job mama! It's hard on us but gets better!! Max always got his legs and arms stuck daily, that after not wanting a bumper I caved and got a brown breathable one! They are nicer looking then expected, and we haven't had any limbs escaping since..worth the money! The come in a few colors, and they are $30 at babies r us and Target, and $20 bucks online at Walmart fyi.

  2. Lenny can't sleep *without* one foot/arm stuck between the crib rails!