Saturday, August 8, 2009

First "Real" Photo Session

I took Sody to the local portrait studio the other day 'cause you months, it's time to get some real shots taken, right? Also, I had a coupon and I will do anything if I have a coupon. I am my father's daughter, what can I say? I dressed her in an outfit that used to be mine, which means it is very old and very polyester and probably not very comfortable in the middle of a Sacramento summer. But of course she was a trooper and did great and we got this amazing shot:

I know everybody thinks their own kid is the cutest, but seriously...this IS the cutest, right? RIGHT?!?

1 comment:

  1. Ya she's pretty darn cute, but cutest....I would have to say Max!! hehehe.
    I just love those mary jane socks or are they the ballerina ones? Can't tell in picture, but if I had a girl I'd totally buy those. I always think they are SO cute. That is a really cute picture!! And love the face expression in the family portrait below. What a riot! :D