Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall, Finally

So my favorite time of the year is finally here but you wouldn't know it from the weather. We are still regularly logging 70-80 degree days here, ugh. Growing weary of shorts and t-shirts. I want to bust out scarves and boots and knit hats, people! I want stormy weather and hot mugs of chai and the rain beating on the roof as I fall asleep at night! Is it too much to ask?! But I digress. Despite the weather, we are still focusing on fall-like activities around here. This weekend we took Isota to her first pumpkin patch on Saturday, to Apple Hill on Sunday, and I made some Halloween-y donuts last night. October, I love you. Will you last forever, please?


watching pony rides! (she was mesmerized)

ma and pa!

worn out!



  1. Okay what I want to know is how to make those donuts!! I want to make some!! YUM!!

    Love the photos. Max was mesmerized by the pony rides too. David wanted to put him on one, but I told him next year. Hahaha.

    That worn out picture is adorable. Max and I both napped after the pumpkin patch. I never nap during the day, but I guess it was tiring for both of us. :D

    Okay now seriously how do I make the donuts? Do I need a tool to make them perfect like that?

  2. Thanks for telling me where to get the donut pan. I must get one soon!!